About us

Step inside The World’s Local Food Company since 1970

We are Kampong Koh, an IPO ready company.

The founding stage: We started as a cottage chilli sauce manufacturer in Malaysia since 1970.

The sustainability stage: Attained HACCP & Halal certification in year 2000. Started to gain traction in Malaysia food service, FMCG outlets and export market. Our manufacturing arm, Kampong Koh Sauce managed to sustain its business through difficult period of Covid pandemic, consolidate local market and fulfilling export market demand.

The expansion stage: Restructuring took place in year 2023, with KC Ngoo as the Managing Director (Group). KC was a Practicing Chartered Quantity Surveyor [1995 – 2009]. Being a member of the Owners Board, KC is to lead and monitor the Malaysia’s IPO execution plan and group’s Corporate Governance.

IPO’s Milestones

1970 – 1985 [Malaysia – Perak]

The Founding Stage: A stone mill in a New Village wooden house – The great discovery of the Kampong Koh Chilli Sauce.

1985 – 2000 [Malaysia – KL]

Moving into a Shop-lot

2000 – 2023 [Malaysia – KL]

The Sustainability Stage: Terrace factory – 138 Production & 216 Warehouse

2023 – 2030 [Malaysia – Johor]

The Expansion Stage: Regional Office & Distribution Centre Johor Malaysia